VerifyMe API
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Verified Employment History

This payload is sent to your webhook endpoint on successful employment verification.

Sample Webhook Payload

"type": "employment",
"data": {
"id": 2455,
"employerName": "verifyme",
"employerPhone": "08123456789",
"employerEmail": "[email protected]",
"startDate": "5/6/2020",
"endDate": "10/12/2020",
"title": "plumber",
"employeeStartDate": "2011-01-1",
"rehire": true,
"employerRespondedAt": "2020-12-28T20:22:04.000Z",
"applicant": {
"id": 1263,
"firstname": "John",
"lastname": "Doe",
"middlename": " ",
"phone": "+2348128730170",
"email": "[email protected]",
"gender": "Male",
"marital_status": "single",
"photo": "<base64 Image>",
"dob": "31-05-2000",
"created_at": "2019-11-21T08:26:11.000Z",
"updated_at": "2020-09-23T15:54:30.000Z"
"status": {
"status": "VERIFIED",
"subStatus": "VERIFIED",
"state": "COMPLETE"
"industry": "domestic",
"comment": "good guy",
"verifiedPoc": false,
"companyName": "verifyme",
"employmentType": "Full-Time",
"supervisorName": "john",
"supervisorTitle": "lead plumber",
"jobBenefits": "Health Insurance,Severance Package,Paid Time Off,Transport Allowance,Housing Allowance,Training, Certification and Professional Membership Dues,Parental Leave,Stock Options,others",
"requestSource": "api",
"currentlyEmployed": true,
"employerConsented": true,
"attestatorName": "james",
"attestatorTitle": "HR manager",
"attestatorContact": "[email protected]",
"companyAddress": "170 muritala mohammed way",
"compensationRate": "Monthly",
"salaryRange": "101,000 - 3000,000",
"supervisorEmail": "[email protected]",
"supervisorPhone": "+2348128730170",
"employeeCurrentlyEmployed": false