About Verifications

Risk Levels

Some of our verifications might require the applicant's Identity to be verified. But we understand that these may not be necessary for your use case.

To solve this we introduced risk levels that are specific for each organization on our platform. These help us determine how strict our system should verify the data provided. They are set by our customer service while enabling an organization for API access.

They are:

Risk Level



This implies that no form of identity verification should be done on applicants


This implies that only the last name of the applicant would be verified


This implies that the last name and first name of the applicant would be verified


This implies the first name, last name, and date of birth would be verified

The optional fields for each request are dependent on what threshold your account is set on ie If a particular threshold is selected and the fields required are not provided then the verification will throw an error.

Eg: A company "Z" registers an account with a MEDIUM risk level. if Z wants to make an address verification request and the request does not contain the firstname or lastname fields for the applicant, then Z's API request would return an error.

The minimum risk levels for each of our verifications are:


Minimum Risk Level

Address Verifications


Guarantor Verifications


Identity Payload Type

This simply refers to the number of data sets returned for identity verifications (National ID number). We have 2 types:

  • FULL - When this is enabled for your account, You get access to the full NIN data sets.

  • HALF - When this is enabled for your account, You get access to lesser NIN data sets.

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